Learning Opportunities for Canadian Health Care Professionals

Online Diabetes Manager University (DMU) Program

Registration is now open for the weekly Diabetes Manager University (DMU) 8-week live professional training program being held in Feb/March 2020.   DMU program registration opens January 2, 2020 and will close in March 2020. Follow this link for detailed Online DMU program information and to sign up:  https://diabetes-training-101-inc.thinkific.com/courses/DMU

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Whether you are new to diabetes or an experienced diabetes educator, diabetes presents unique challenges to those affected and to the health professionals who serve them. And because of those challenges, things aren’t going very well for the vast majority of people who live with this disease. If we want to change the outcomes of care, we have to be willing to review and, when necessary, change what we do. This is what we call “Learning to Make a Difference in Diabetes”.

Our Online Diabetes Manager University is an 8-week mastery course in how and why to use today’s best therapies in a patient-centered model of care. Our online diabetes training program for Canadian health care professionals includes videos, lectures, journal reading, case presentations, experiential learning, and professional discussion.  The Online DMU is perfect for anyone who needs a deeper understanding of managing diabetes in Canada and wants to take that training from the convenience of your home or office.

Over the course of the training program, Participants will discover:

  • Canadian diabetes care and treatment realities
  • Early detection and intervention strategies
  • How to improve metabolic control and patient engagement using blood glucose monitoring
  • The use of today’s diabetes medications and delivery devices in a patient-centered model of care
  • How to help patients “write their own diets” and exercise plans to achieve better outcomes and motivation
  • How to become a more valued coach and partner

Visit https://diabetes-training-101-inc.thinkific.com/courses/DMU for detailed course information including a week by week outline of the Online DMU.

Discovering Diabetes™ Curriculum Training

Want to offer a diabetes education program that guides your clients to become their own diabetes self-manager? Diabetes Training 101™ offers professional training in the Discovering Diabetes™ self-management education model.  Our model uses a behaviour based approach that empowers your clients to live their best life with the diabetes tools available to them.

You will learn how to effectively use the Discovering Diabetes™ model so you can be confident that your education program is making a difference. Using our teaching tools, client myth books and reflective and meaningful course work, you can have clients seeking out your services and coming back to you with great results.

Click here to view our Discovering Diabetes™ Curriculum and Myth Books.